The Jab

Most boxing gyms, the first punch you will learn is the Jab. I believe this is because it is the most important punch in boxing.

Who has a good jab?

- Mayweather jr (P4P)

- Andre Ward (P4P)

- Kosta Tyszu (P4P

- Sergey Kovalev (P4P)

- Muhammad Ali (The Greatest)

- GGG The Jab can be used many different ways!

It can be used to set up other punches. Keep you out of trouble. It can blind an opponent.

It can annoy an opponent.

Keep them off balance.

Set up an angle.

The list goes on and on. The jab is not just a ‘bang the head back punch’. It can go anywhere, and do anything.

The options are limitless! As long as it is in the scoring area. It is just one punch but used properly it can win a fight!

“It all starts and ends with the jab” - Teddy Atlas

Book in a session today and learn the ’Jab’ and much more.

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