Reminder of new classes and structure.

There have been a few changes and a few NEW CLASSES ADDED!


  1. (COMP SQUAD) “Comp squad“ is for those who would really love to improve there boxing skills. For those who have the ambition not just to train but to fight. Which I can tell

you are 2 totally different things. Comp squad will have

  • Boxing Skills

  • Sparring Drill

  • repetitive Drills

  • Ring IQ

  • Fight preperation

  • open sparring

  • boxing conditions

2. (BOXFIT) This class is for those who just want to get a workout in. It will have some skill work to make sure you are doing things the best and most efficient way to get the best results.


will be mixture class of “comp squat and BOXFIT”. Also added will be (ALL LEVEL SPARRING) “All level sparring“


Monday is going to be a mix of “Comp squad and BOXHIT.

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