Improvement. Big or small is still improvement.

Improving big or small. Wether it takes a day, a week or even a year. It will happen if you want it.

Seen below is Lachlan.

Task: Shadow boxing.

- staying loose and calm.

- balanced and focused.

- visualise an opponent.

- remember to move head and trunk.

- practice punches (slow or fast it doesn’t matter just practice)

He is starting to move well and stay in balance. It is a pleasure training Lachlan and seeing the improvement.

Shadow boxing is an important tool in boxing. Along with bag work and sparring it is the next closest thing to a fight.

Things you can work on.

  • Hand positioning (no gaps while moving and punching)

  • Staying balanced (before, during and after you punch)

  • moving in different speeds

  • visualising your favourite boxer in front of you. Or opponent. Or even me... but no haymakers would be nice ;) haha

  • boxing in (short-mid-close range)

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