Boxing doesn’t see what you want until you show it.

Good work everyone today.

Do you want to be a champ?

Just remember this.

Glenn Rushton, a world champion trainer, told me a story without even speaking a word.

Anyone who would enter his gym he would welcome them openly. But

Unknowingly to the new comer. From then on he would be put through a series of tests.

  1. Can they train for themselves? Aka Bag work when know one is watching, running, skill-work. ?

  2. Will you come once a week or everyday ?

  3. Will you fizzle out after a week or a month ?

  4. Do they listen to your instruction both in casual training, intense sparring and skill/technique work.

There were a lot of other little test along the way.

However once you consistently passEd the tests he would step up your training both in intensity and volume. Pass again while showing the same hunger as day one then the offer for a fight would come.

He said this statement.

”Are you prepared to win?

Are you prepared to prepare to win”.

Well... Are you ?

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